Introduction to Landi (Nanning)

About us

Shanghai Landi (Nanning) Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Randi (Nanning)"), directly invested and established by the Shanghai Headquarters, is an important strategic layout of Landi Law Firm's deepening of the ASEAN legal service market.

Landi (Nanning) sits on the geographical advantage of Guangxi as the "bridgehead" of ASEAN, and relies on Nanning as the provincial capital of Guangxi and the China-ASEAN (10+1) center's radiation effect on the entire ASEAN region. It is positioned to build a foreign-related legal service featuring Specialized medium-scale boutiques, coordinated with ASEAN and other overseas legal service institutions, effectively integrated the pan-ASEAN legal service market, and built a pan-ASEAN legal service circle with Nanning as the core.

Landi (Nanning) focuses on the resolution of complex domestic and international commercial transactions and disputes. It is a comprehensive law firm specializing in legal services in the fields of trade, investment and financing. Its business covers venture capital and private equity financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions and restructuring , Foreign direct investment, dispute resolution, bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization and other fields. Landi (Nanning) lawyers have excellent academic background and solid professional accumulation, have long-term service for domestic and foreign clients and rich project practical experience in participating in complex multinational transactions, and will adhere to the development of "absolute professionalism, strong internationalization, and relatively large-scale" development Philosophy, and strive to build Randy (Nanning) into a law firm with certain influence in the ASEAN legal service circle.